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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 18, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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west side. it began with shots fired and they found at least one gunshot wound. homicide detectives were there gathering evidence in what is vallejo's 6th homicide of the year and actually the third this month. they have a solid witness this month but police are not tell us who it is. they are trying to notify his family and from vallejo police until the sergeant has more for us we will bring you the latest alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. people were concerned about the dark smoke rising and it started 2:30 in sacramento county and it was put out by 7:00 last night. firefighters let it burn itself out and plus it was hard to get
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to and at first, air quality district said it was a prescribed burn and later he changed it to an actual vegetation fire. the burns are allowed to control marsh debris and to improve the area for wildlife. this isn't press sufficient burn period runs through april 15th and it must be deemed necessary by the department of fish and wildlife. janine de la vega is in san jose to tells you how the companies are responding, good morning. >> reporter: well, they have a very diverse population and they say the workforce for tech giants do not. they had a tough time getting them to give up all their information and they are asking 20 of the most influential
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stuff about their employees. only 20 responded even after they find and the companies included cisco and ebay, they show women are underrepresented especially in rolls. some say -- roles, and women are graduating in fewer technical degrees. they show how difficult it is to gain information with tech companies because they refuse to give up their equality opportunity -- equal opportunity data. back out here live here in downtown san jose, as traffic picks up we plan on asking people what they think of this new study. in san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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>> the official process will be held tomorrow. >> but yesterday, people gathered to hear what he had to say and he had some off the can you have remarks -- off the cuff remarks instead of reading from a prepared speech. vice-president vice-president joseph biden will be heading up the u.s. delegation for pope frances and nancy pelosi is working there along with bay area congresswoman anna. later they will meet with many in italy. and the political action conference, it's just about a
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half our from now and the political chairman intends to rebrand itself a peeling and trying to attract more minority voters. today a postal service is holding more in san francisco and they will meet with thousand while using the direct shipping industry. many say the postal service should not have to network but it is one way to stay in touch some of their biggest customers. >> if they just stayed in washington they would not get the feel of what the mailers want out of the industry because the men say it should
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not be happening. >> they are cutting services including saturday mail delivery. you are watching the roads? >> yes, 08 westbound coming in from vacaville fairfield all the way from he berkeley to oakland and that looks good, of course we watch, it affect is the entire eastbound commute. it starts off right through downtown and getting up into the silicone valley. well, i am mostly clear and it is on the way for tuesday and wednesday morning and afternoon and one system is in and out and we can't get everything established as far as a witnesser pattern. everything has been locked in for the longest time. highs today 60s and 70s and
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inland temperatures will be mild to warm. we will have more on the way to increasing clouds and holding into wednesday morning. this is our forecast and by tuesday afternoon it starts to move. a quarter of an inch is starting to move and there is not much rain. 40s and 50s, novato had rain last time and some of these increasing clouds will filter in. it will be a cool morning for some, 660s to antioch. 68 los gatos, looks good for thursday and temperatures are back to a dry pattern and lows will be on the cool side. 5:08, we do have information in a police
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shooting in the american canyon. the victim was angelo but his sister tells us he lived with a friend. police shot and killed him during a pursuit and he picked up a stolen truck and he was shot during that standoff in open fire. he is scheduled for a preliminary hearing. he -- he sent a letter saying he was attained sniper who hunted him down. they may decide this week to require all licensed cab
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drivers to transmit their exact location. that will be used to track 1,700 cabs in the city and that could give cabs a leg up on many other things. that information would make it easier to connect with cabs. many are using mass transit and it is compared to a year all. >> they are saying the faster travel times and free wi-fi could explain why there is an increase in riders. the 20 hybrid buses carry more than 4600 passengers every day. >> time now 510 for oakland police but it comes with a crash.
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plus a plane crashes right into a neighborhood in indiana and they will have it. right now is a good time to drive on interstate 880 and we will tell you more about the morning commute as we get closer to 6:00. girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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. >> welcome back, two people are dead after their plane crashed in a neighborhood. two other passengers were hurt and the plane was flying from tulsa oklahoma when it hit three homes and became lodged into one of them. >> we heard something and then a boom and then it got real quiet. >> they had mechanical problems and the jet crash forced several people to be evacuated. bobby jindal had a close call when traveling home from his son's soccer turn. he made an illegal turn in front of the car bobby jindal was driving in. a state trooper was following behind in another suv as part of the security detail crashed and that trooper was treated
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for minor injuries and the governor was not hurt. they are taking a new approach to the future. the republican national communities have more on what they plan to do next. jacqueline has more on a prefer view, gabling lynn? >> reporter: they are calling it an autopsy -- jacqueline? >> they are looking into what went wrong including a road map for how they can win 2016. >> reporter: the chairman is expected to propose shortening the primary calendar holding an earlier convention and they supported democrats last year. they will spend $10 million to spend hundreds of travelers and the workers will rebuild the
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republican credibility. >> going to swearing in ceremonies and being part of the community on an ongoing basis... >> reporter: he said it is a big day and we are looking forward to growing the gop. he will be speaking in about 15 minutes. reporting live in washington, ktvu channel 2 morning news. more than 100 witnesses are expected to attend the start of a federal trial which begins the practice of stopping, questioning and frisking people. the class action says they violate the rights of minorities. william has supported stop and frisk policies and others in the police department. a new federal grant would
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boost staffing levels. they are required to -- required to patrol alameda county and they have a $67 million grant to hire sheriff's deputies for a crime suppression area. the oakland city council is expected to ask them for money for additional police academies and they want to double the sheriff's patrols. >> sal, we are looking at the toll plaza, how is it going, sal? well, so far so good here westbound at the toll plaza, no major problems getting into the city, san matt matt and dumbarton -- san matteo and dumbarton is looking good. after you get to 101, it is a
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nice looking drive and we are off to a nice start, here is steve. >> somebody is yelling at me in the student yes. and i said do you think it will be a affected by the rain and i said not. westerly breeze and bundle up tomorrow and it is creepy cooling along and some tapped in and we night have a decent system and we will get more rain out of tuesday and wednesday. cloudy with rain developing 30s and 40s and now back to 37 but
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some 40s for other areas including walnut creek. we will start off with sunshine in the morning, and there is a little bit of patchy fog, some low-to-mid 70s inland and 60s closer to the coast, we still have a component of the northerly rain and that's something, we will take whatever it takes, temperatures are warming backup. and they are warming back up after they agreed to a 13 billion-dollar bail for cyprus. because of a time, they are bank deposits helping to funds the bailout and that las citizens -- that has citizens worried and it sent the market
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down in asia overnight. it is a affecting our stocks as well and future for the do you a drops on friday. they are looking a hid to the fact this they are running for mayor and they didn't go well for can't debts. -- for can't debts. >> that means you can do it. he brought out the america's cup race in san francisco. now i is being asked to do something else and it involves his checkbook. copper thieves are costing bay area thieves tens of thousands a month and some are finding a way to find back. also you can wake up with ktvu channel 2 morning news
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every work, get the top stories every week day morning 6:00 a.m. get your morning call by texting the word wake up.
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. welcome back, the suspect was caught on surveillance cameras and investigators say
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he robbed a bank on march 5th, handed the teller a demand note and got way with cash. he is described 25 years old, 6- foot two inches tall and weighing up to 300 pounds and he was wearing a pittsburgh pirates hat at the time. they are fighting back against copper thieves with new technology. thieves may have stolen from light poles and in the past few years they may make hundreds of dollars at recycling centers but it costs thousands to repair the damage. they are tracking where it came from and they can tell an online tracking area will get paid. the petition is on and it tells larry,
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do not leave the city holding the bill. fundraising is expected to fall short of the millions needed to put on the yacht race. it petition is pulling through and only 1,300 people have signed it so far. thezy wants to we move several for bicyclists and they plan to meet to voice their concerns and some are are aring changes and the changes would not go into effect until 2015. 5:05 is the time, sal, are you keeping an eye on traffic? >> yes, getting up to highway
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17 with no major problems on your way to mission end boulevard. and westbound 5080 is getting -- 580 is getting busier coming off the pass. let's go to steve. increasing clouds, cloudy with rain developing tuesday and we will hold onto that wednesday. there is our system, tuesday afternoon and evening, highs $60 and 70s and cooler by the coast, pam. out of florida, classes have been canceled at a major university and we will tell you that is where it was found inside. we will tell you who police
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are looking for, stay tuned.
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. well, good morning to you, it is monday march 18th, i am dave clark. 5:30 is the time and steve said we may get rain tomorrow. >> i think we will tomorrow, unfortunately not too much but we will tackle that tuesday. it is still a little cooler by the coast and mild to warm with 70s, here is sal. good morning, northbound 101 as you drive to the 880 splits, no major problems and morning commute looks good as you drive to the high-rise. let's go back to the desk. a st. patrick's' day party in the east bay, outside the sports bar in alameda, here is new details on the fight that
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happened overnight. tara? >> reporter: this turned sour and right around crowing time -- closing time a fight started and you can see the area cordoned off and right now they are waiting for crews to come and clean up the crime scene where you can still see blood on the sidewalk. two people had a heated argument and somebody pulled a knife and slashed the victim's throat. the victim was rushed to the hospital and his condition is unknown. the suspects took off in a dark colored sedan eastbound towards broadway and unfortunately we don't have anymore details but if you spot them alameda police
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will be interviewing the bartender to get a better idea of who they are looking for and at this point the forensic aspect is complete and police say no weapon was recovered. i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. developing news coming out of florida this morning. all classes are canceled until noontime at the university of central florida. 500 students evacuated from a dorm building. somebody call 911 and appeared to be a self inflicted gunshot. he also found an assault weapon an explosion sufficients near his -- explosives near his body and we will bring you more details on his body.
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an a 14-year-old marcus both died on friday at mary'sville race park when warming up and chase hit them both. the father of mark cass said his -- marcus said his son was a great young man. >> all of his coaches and friends will tell he was the first to help somebody or give somebody a hand. >> marcus had been playing since he was 5:00 and his father said, he lost control of the he was not hurt. the county sheriff's office and chp are investigating. now the other person who was killed in that crash, they owned cars that were scheduled to race friday. his brother said dale caught
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the racing bug early in his life and he takes comfort inn knowing his brother died doing something he loved. he leaves behind a wife and two grown children. and even during peak hours. the san francisco symphony is canceling because of that continuing musician strike. they say the musicians turned down resuming performances during a cooling off period. the four performances have been cancel ised since they went on strike since wednesday and still negotiations are in
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order. janine de la vega is in the area to tell us about the two who were underrepresented. >> reporter: a lot of people use this for their commute to work and we wanted to gauge people's interest and ask their reports on a new cnn money report in the lack of companies. we asked some of the most influence shawl ones and five companies responded even after responding to a company information request. they showed women and ethnic minorities are underrepresented especially in dominant tech roles. one woman we spoke to this
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morning said she was not surprised. >> i work where it has a bunch of start ups and it is all male. very few companies have females and i just wish there were more females. >> reporter: some say women are graduating with technical degrees and they are showing how difficult it is to get into tech companies because they refuse to give up theiree wall opportunity -- equal opportunity data. as the day goes on, we plan on getting in on what their take is. president barack obama will visit and they are getting
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ready since 2009. secretary of state jim h. cary will -- accompany the president and political analysts say they have fence mening to do with israelis and palestinians if he hopes to restore the peace process. and they will nominate an assistant attorney general at the labor department today. perez has been in charge of the civil rights division since 2009 and he will be the first latino nominated for his second term cabinet, she returned home to los angeles. many people from all over the world are attending the world baseball classic. no dancing pants. trying to talk basketball,
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puerto rico played them and they move on to the finals. tonight the netherlands will play and the winner will play tomorrow night. you may want to take your credit cards to pay for parking. remember the parking prices went up in that area earlier this month. special prices near at&t parkings they can run as high as 7 bucks an hour. >> it is crazy. you just put in a quarter, sal, and nothing ever moves, it's okay, i have a minute now. >> they are trying to encourage you to take public transit. we are looking at public transit now and let's look at what we have on westbound 880
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and traffic is looking good no major problems on 880 westbound and also on the bay bridge, no major problems coming into san francisco. it is a nice looking drive. let's go to steve. we have patchy low clouds, sunny and high clouds will be increasing throughout the day, rain developing, maybe a quarter to three quarters of an inch and there is not a lot of dynamics with it. we also have baseball tonight and the game tonight will not be an issue. we may have to deal with some rain tomorrow and we will dive
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into that one. low coming in mid-latitude and we could sure use a lot more but it looks like one and done. it is a locked in pattern and our for cast model system weakens considerably. you can see this system coming in and heaviest rain will be to the north. 30s to 40s to near 50s on the lows. and temperatures here will rebound fast except near the -- except near the coast. a cool morning for some, mild afternoon for inland. 60s closer to the coast and
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then it clears out and we will be chilly and then warming up. a couple of basketball teams are bunching their tickets to the big day. we have the details for their schedule for the ncaa tournament. and ten years after the invasion to iraq, they are still blakeing the -- plaguing the people. we have more on traffic straight ahead. stay tuned.
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pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. . good morning, mostly clear, mid-70s. here is a look at some of the top stories we are
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following at 5:43. police in vallejo are investigating the 6th homicide. they are investigating a homicide in a garage and this is the 7th homicide in a week they have responded to and the third one this month. police are investigating a stabbing at a bar. the man was reportedly stabbed in the next. he was rushed to hyland hospital and right now we don't know his condition. police are trying to find a suspect. >> critics say it is a bad use of the postal services money and saturday delivery is being cut back and most will be protesting outside of that
5:42 am
conference. the u.s. triggered the start of the war and the goal of the war was to risk them of weapons and no weapons of mass destruction were ever found. >> we are increasingly concerned about the political crisis going object between the shiasen the sunnies and this has to be revolved. and there are still major attacks. two have been found guilty of raping a classmate. the case that rocked the town of steubenville may be far from over. >> [inaudible] [ sobbing ] >> ma'lik richmond and trent mays broke down in tears after they -- and apologized after
5:43 am
being convicted of raping and murdering and raping a 16-year- old girl. they are looking into whether the school district and parents tried to okay every friday night, every saturday night across this country. and a grand jury will meet next month to consider interviews with coaches about the cover up allegations. and later today, santa clara supervisors are expected to plead guilty to perjury and misusing public money. he is accused of using campaign
5:44 am
and cher could you what was used for gambling. i could get up to a year in jail. police in panola released this sketch of a man who tried to kidnap a girl on her way home from school. they say he pulled the girl's wrist but she managed to break free and ran home. he is described as white, 6- foot tall, has slick back air and a goatee. he also has a piercing in his eyebrow. they are hosting the second and third round and call is the 12th seed of the east region. they are the 5th seeded team and they are 5 and 1 of all
5:45 am
time versus cal. [applauds] [applauds] >> oh, yeah, they are happy and cheering at the st. mary's basketball team and selected for the tournament yet, tomorrow night in vallejo. they will play the 6th seed on thursday. and the women's tournament, that happens today. stanford and cal are expected to get high seeds. the number 4 stanford seed packed the tournament tour a week ago on friday. 547 dash then i am going to hand it to a blank one, for somebody who knows nothing about
5:46 am
basketball. chances are they will win. >> usually there is a school i have never heard of in there too. >> right, it will be fun. good morning everyone, let's look at what we have now, we are off to a decent start on a monday and we don't have a lot going on, we wanted it to be nice slow and boring also the commute looks good for people who are trying to get out there early and metering lights are not on because they usually come on after 6:00. and looking at the peninsular, getting word of a crash on darting road near dublin and it is a noninjury crash and we'll see how this traffic was
5:47 am
moving. mostly cloud can did i okay with a westerly president. it looks good and it looks like we will get some rain with it on tuesday and increasing clouds 70s and we have a system with a westerly breeze and the system lingers into wednesday and it looks like it is out of here. 40s to almost 50s for some. antioch fairfield concord, san jose is in there, san rafael, book ends 44 and san francisco at the oakland airport. >> the winds show increasing clouds and we have mainly 40s as you saw, we will be on the cool side and we are not as warm, kind of a minor league
5:48 am
summertime pattern. then it brooks laich it is warming back up. and apple is about to boost its quarterly dividend and they are raising it to more than $40 a share and it would give a boost to investors who have seen their shares topple more than 3 5% since september. we know who is in the ncaa basketball tournament and most of them have reported and it is a better idea for so many fans and games because they are likely to keep watching and
5:49 am
seeing those commercial over and over on a witch hunt. >> he still has the best spot in the box office, halle berry did great and ended up second. the incredible wonder stone and jack the slayer, identity thief rounds out the top 5. why hackers in the city plus are plus it was not a storybook ended for those escaped inmates.
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. all right, steve 10:95 it was a prison break and two escape pieces are back in -- two escaped prisoners are back in jail, they left cables from a helicopter for them to grab and they were taken back into custody. lindsay lohan is due to be
5:53 am
in court but she may have some trouble being there in time. it turns out she missed her flight from new york to los angeles, she was on it but she got off because it was not safe. now she is facing charges after they said she should be in court and said she does not understand california's laws. they are making government records more accessible and they are aimed at helping people find building permits and even abandoned homes. >> there is this perception that the underclass in oakland is not using the internet when
5:54 am
in fact they do. >> it is part of a international mall project code to make it more accessible. it will give fans a searches for empty seats and engulfs them -- and gives them options to upgrade their seats and this app has not been set yet. >> sal knows all about the morning commute, 208 and everything else -- 280 and everything else. >> i am the real person doing this for you and traffic is doing well on most commutes and we are getting busy as many commutes begin to change and as
5:55 am
you can see traffic looks good heading past the sunole grade and passed mission boulevard and heading to the peninsular from burlingame to palo alto, it is 5:59 let's go back to the desk. a grass fire is out but concerns remain. the important information we could find out today about the smoke from the fire. plus a knife attack it happened in alameda, what with they are saying about issues am. we have the cooler forecasted highs for some coming up.
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. we are live in alameda where a st. patrick's day celebration turns violent and we will -- violent and we will tell you who police are looking for. somebody shot and killed an elderly man and we will tell you where that victim was found. what investigators may tell us about that smoke that
5:58 am
conversations most of contra costa county. and ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us, this monday march 18th, i am pam cook. >> steve is back, glad to see you. does pam need to grab her crumbled la? >> -- her crumbled la? >> a -- her umbrella. here is more. northbound 101, approaching the 880 split and also the commute is moving along slowly at the toll plaza, let's go back to the desk.
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a bar stabbing stemmed from a fight between two groups of men. here is more with tara moriarty where police say it all happened just hours ago. >> reporter: yes this st. patrick's' day celebration started around closing time and that's a physicians place where
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